Child Developement Essay

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Marquita Steele
Essay 2

Taylor and Sam both have natural talents to become surgeons, however, they are not equally as likely to succeed. There are many factors as to why one may be more likely to succeed than the other based on their social class. As stated in our textbook, social class studies the inequality that results from social relationships. Society has a stratification system. As discussed in class, stratification is the classification of individuals and ranking, on an inferiority and superiority scale. Individuals such as Taylor and Sam, are stratified by neighborhood, income, education, and more. With these classifications, society is able to determine who has a better chance in life. Referring back to our class
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Referring to Sam’s income, his parents work at a gas station and a local diner. On the other hand, Taylor’s parents work as a doctor and lawyer. Based on their family working classes, Taylor is more affluent and this gives him a better chance once again to succeed than Sam. Education is also an important category in the stratification system. Based on Sam’s information given, it is most likely that he comes in contact with rural working class people, and most of them do not see the need for too much school given in their environment. This here, is an opportunity gap for Sam. According to the article about low-income students assigned for class, Colleges give little or no advantage in the admissions process to low income students. Considering Sam is a low income student, this will be a set-back for his education by making chances harder. It also states that a lot of low income students have the inclination to stay local at known colleges. More than likely, Sam will do so. If Taylor’s parents are doctors and lawyers, they had a really good education and 99% of chances is that Taylor will too. Taylor will also have more personal power, which is control over one owns life. This again, is an advantage for Taylor. In conclusion, both Taylor and Sam have natural talents to become surgeons, however, they are not equally likely to succeed. Society is made up of a stratification

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