Child Cruelty To Children

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Most scholars and practitioners have elaborated adverse impacts of child abuse, especially child neglect. It is very hard to think about someone being neglected, especially when it comes to an innocent child. Teachers, neighbors, nurses, and daycare providers are a few of the people who suspect and report the neglect of a child. Sadly this form of abuse is often from their own parents and it is happening in their own home. Every kid deserves de right to be free from danger and violence. Child neglect is a serious problem and it affects the child.
The term child abuse got used in a very broad array of situation that it has become hard to pin down its actual definition. However, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
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The criteria upon which the children gets placed in out of home care are selected and allocated has been a subject of review in the recent past. The premise is that the criteria which were in use not factoring in the history of the child regarding whether or not the child was abused or not. The factors considered in the placement are the availability of maternal care, cooperation between the caregiver and the presence of relatives (Saunders). The distinction between the children who got abused from those who have not is important in improving the effectiveness of the program.
Family Income and Supplement Benefits
There is a relationship between the rates of child neglect to the levels of poverty of the supporting family. To alleviate the poverty standards of the people in such circumstances has a direct impact on reducing the likelihood of neglect. The programs used to this end include Social Security Supplemental Income programs, head start, Women with Infants and Child Food Supplement Program among others. This approach has proved to work across nations although it does not cure the cause of the neglect.
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Child neglect is at the core of this problem at as discussed; it may be manifested in various forms and caused by a variety of factors come of which are intentional while others are beyond the control of the primary caregiver. However, it is important that the cases of child neglect get minimized. In addition to ensuring that the family setup remains firm and accommodative of the needs of the child, there is a need for the community to get involved in ensuring that the children don’t get neglected. Serval steps have already been taken to this end as illustrated with most of the approaches requiring a holistic effort by the state, family and the community as a whole. However, there is a need to establish formal frameworks that address issues raised in this paper with regards to some of the areas that remain vague

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