Essay on Child Care Introduction to Children

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Unit 1;

E1 Statutory; sectors that are fully funded but it depends on the boroughs. One example is school nurseries. In this setting professionals aim to make life in the setting feel like a family atmosphere for children to feel comfortable. Professionals also help children to develop with carefully chosen activities to do with the 6 learning areas, these are; language and literacy, creative development, physical development, personal social and emotional development, knowledge and understanding of the world and mathematical development. They aim to help children develop at their pace and doesn’t rush anything because they know every child is individual in their own way. The nurseries also help children feel safe and secure in the
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The children get better response for what has happened and their needs are more focused on, the court decides what is best for the child to make them safer as it is one of their rights. The act allows children and their families to come together a lot more in making them a lot safer then what they would have felt before. On website it says ‘The Act aims to improve effective local working to safeguard and promote children’s wellbeing’. The act has a lot of intention in making a Childs well-being noticed and important and aim to do the following; * Keep the child healthy * Keeping the child safe * Help the child have fun and enjoy life more and achieve things they thought they couldn’t.
The children act 1989 was poor; the new act 2004 was promoted in ways such as teaming a lot more agencies together to work on keeping a child safe and having rights to what they deserve. The act shows people that children have rights to an education, healthy lifestyle and to be a child and enjoy their life without any threat.
Education Act 2002; This act came around in 2002, on the website it say that ‘It is a substantial and important piece of legislation intended to raise standards, promote innovation in schools and reform education law’. This would help children get a better and healthier education through their life and make their lifestyle normal and challenging to become what they

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