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Within summer break, there are more than 50 million children who are given an average of six additional hours of free time, with this we must consider that there are millions of parents who work within that period of time. Yes, this means that these parents must find someone to take responsibility for the well being of their children during these hours. Whether this be paying for childcare, having family members help, or enrolling their children in summer programs, there are various solutions offered. Unfortunately, not all parents have the same range of opportunities. Although Child Care may be expensive, cutting down on your budget is much less painful than cutting down your family members. Elementary-school-age children are not to be without adult supervision, this will ensure your …show more content…
Whether this be by having a babysitter, or enrolling in summer school/camp, or spending time with their grandma, this will ensue them the opportunity of maturing within a safe and friendly environment. Many might say, it is best to prevent now than to be sorrow later. With this your child will be able to blossom into a better adult. You will be able to prevent them from witnessing the darker side of the world for the time being and you will also be increasing the chances of preventing any negative consequences and even the possible extent of death. Recently, our community has witnessed a terrible incident in which a classmate was making his way to school and took an unexpected turn in life. Unfortunately, we lost an angel. However, an important fact in this situation would be the lack of adult supervision. It is said that every morning there are 2-3 adults supervising the crosswalk and helping children cross the street, unfortunately that day no one was supervising. This being said this tragic accident could have been prevented with the supervision of an

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