Child Care And Child Rearing By Karin A. Martin Essay

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Child care can create gender roles in children because of the advice that parents get about taking care of a child. In the article “William wants a Doll. Can he have one? Feminists, Child Care Advisors, and Gender-Neutral Child Rearing” by Karin A. Martin, it talks about society implanted gender roles such as books and parenting websites. Martin describes that four sources, from books, give off gender differences. Martin gives an example that in a book by Ames and Haber, they wrote that “the basic, genetic differences between the sexes are so central and so strong that baby boys and girls impose their gender on their parents” (Ames, Haber 47). The book gives the ideas that there are differences between gender and that it is important for parents to know the difference. Since they are different, the children should be treated differently based on their gender. In addition, Martin gives an example of a web site,, gives example of how gender differences are “more likely to be colored, largely, by the different ways boys and girls are raised in our society” and how “different behaviors” for boys and girls are “praised” and the “different ideas about play (emphasizing differences in children’s media and toys)” (Martin 466-467). The website that Martin mention shows that boys and girls think differently anymore and even themselves. However, that is not true because boys and girls can think the same. In addition, child advisors are trying to persuade parents that…

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