Essay on Child Anxiety And Parental Control

1312 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
This article’s main focus was to compare multiple studies to see if parental control effects child anxiety, and if child anxiety has an effect on parental control. It starts out by explaining key facts about how child anxiety and parental control are linked. One interesting fact mentioned was that if a child’s parents have been diagnosed with anxiety, the child is at seven times higher risk of developing anxiety themselves. There are many studies in this article that breakdown why the link to child anxiety and parental control are possible. There are different aspects taken into consideration when viewing child anxiety, these include biological, developmental, psychological, social, and environmental factors. In using these factors, more specifically, the article breaks down and compares the influences of parental control and children’s perceived control and how they collaborate with one another. Under parental control there are two types of parenting that are distinguished. The first type is when a parent instills feeling of danger in the child to a point where the child doesn’t feel confident about handling certain situations on their own. They over protect their child to where the child never feels out of harm’s way. The second type is where the parent doesn’t allow their child to deal with dangerous or stressful situations without intervening. This does not allow the child to gain a sense of confidence in themselves to carry forward to their adult lives, which in turn…

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