Essay on Child And Youth Care Practitioners

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Child and youth care practitioners CYCP in a hospital milieu not only handle the regular issues associated with child and youth care practice but also deal with the additional stress of medical concerns. In this unique setting the practitioner’s role acquires manipulation of the elements of the milieu. These elements include manipulation of the physical environment in order to provide safety for all clients, and inclusion. Emotional environment in regards to the unfamiliar medical procedures, and an unfamiliarity to the future. CYCP influence the social environment by integrating group activities that promote social interaction and relationships with practitioners. Cultural acceptance, both cultural difference and human difference. Ideological elements include the beliefs, values and ethics held by professionals in the hospital milieu. The type of clientele that practitioners will work with are children and youth with special needs, disabilities, and patients affected by the elements of the ecological perspective. These traditional domains of child and youth care practice include the self, professionalism, communication, relationships, critically applied human development, systems context and interventions (Stuart, 2013).Within these six central domains are subdomains that influence the practitioners work within the hospital milieu.
The role / qualities of the child and youth care practitioner:
Within the hospital setting practitioners must ensure the safety of children and…

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