Child and Young Person Development Essays

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Physical Development birth-3years
The physical development for this age group is described below:
Baby raises head and chest when lying on stomach and supports its upper body with arms when lying on stomach they are able to stretch their legs out and kick when lying on their stomach or back. They are able to open and shut their hands, pushing down on their legs when their feet are placed on a firm surface. At this age sucking and grasping reflexes develop the baby is able to focus and follow objects with eyes and brings hand to mouth. They begin to take swipes at dangling objects with hands their movements become stronger. They learn to co-ordinate their movements. Most 18month olds usually walk by themselves (even though
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Between three and five years, children’s confidence grows as they start to explore and look for answers and reasons for everything in their world. They love being praised for trying and like to try everything themselves. Both three and four-year-olds are likely to be very active because they are trying to develop their running, climbing and balancing skills. They need plenty of time outdoors to be able to do this. Although many children at four are experts at climbing, they will generally only attempt what they can manage safely. They still need supervision, however, as they sometimes can climb up an object and then are not able to get down without help. Children will start to engage in imaginary play, and pretend to be animals or fairies, or adults like mums or dads, teachers or doctors. Children by the age of 5years develop their fine motor skills as they are learning how to use their controlling skills in order to complete more complex tasks. At the age of 5 years many children can hop, jump and skip as some 5year olds will use a leading hand (either right or left).

Communication and intellectual development

• Always asks "Why?" • Uses longer sentences. • Grammar improves. • Starts to understand the difference between real and imaginary. • Listens to, and

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