Child Abuse : The Destruction Of The Young Mind Essay

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Child Abuse: The Destruction of the Young Mind
The nation’s youth is the most important part of today’s society. These young children are the body and minds that will inherit the nation and its problems. The parent also has a very important responsibility in preparing youth for the world. However, poor parenting skills are too often being transferred to the youth. Poor parenting involves the use of excessive violence as a form of punishment. Children are placed in a horrific situation through abuse instigated by their parents that damages the child physically and psychologically.
Children everywhere are being abused by their parents whether it be physical or emotional abuse. In order to help prevent child abuse, one must first understand some of the reasons that parents abuse their children. There is no excuse to abuse one’s child and there have been many studies conducted in order to make correlations between what causes child abuse. A National Incidence Study (NIS-3), was conducted and found a correlation between family income and child abuse. “Other factors include family structure and size, poverty, alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence, and community violence are contributing factors to child abuse and neglect.”(Rein). All these factors are very stressful and many parents turn to violence to deal with a wailing

child. Also, children in poor health are at a much higher risk of being abused or neglected. More and more children are being abused as substance…

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