Child Abuse, Neglect, And Adult Behavior Essay

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The research article on child abuse, neglect, and adult behavior was conducted at Bloomington in US in the year 2013 by Widom and Cathy Spatz of Indiana University. With the use of a prospective cohort design, that drew a large sample of cases of child abuse comprising of physical and sexual abuse and compared with a matching control group in the study. The result indicated that on overall, child maltreatment subjects projected higher cases than the adult cases of criminality and arrests (Widom, 1989).
The methodology employed in this research entailed past research designed to include achievements in the areas of design, conceptualization, and operationalization. It involved a prospective design, operationalization of abuse and neglect, formulation of groups of abused and neglected, use of a control group matching for sex, age, social class background and race. This design also captured the analysis of the consequences of abuse in the long-run (Widom, 1989).
It involved the collection, arrangement, tabulation, coding, and analysis of the available official data. The design was aimed at incorporating improvements on the past research and to provide a platform for future work through the inclusion of the current finds that are relevant to the study. The results obtained from such design are deemed relevant for use in various scenarios including those of policy formulation due its inclusiveness (Widom, 1989).
In this case of design “specialized cohorts” that are matching are…

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