Essay on Child Abuse : It, Killing The Future Of Our Children

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Child Abuse: Consequently, Killing the Future of Our Children
Dustin Sanderson
Liberty University

The purpose of this research paper is to give facts about child abuse, the statistics, and the effects the child can experience in later years. The main types of child abuse include: physical, sexual, mental and neglect. Child abuse is practically a worldwide problem; therefore, it significantly affects the child in the later years of his or her life and can cause a lot of problems. Also, if mental issues wasn’t enough; in addiction, “Children who experience child abuse & neglect are about 9 times more likely to become involved in criminal activity” (Child Help). There are ways we can help stop and prevent child abuse: promote positive interaction, be a good role model, minimize opportunity, stay alert, and act on suspicions. Stopping child abuse gives the future of our children the chance to succeed in life.

Child Abuse: Consequently, Killing the Future of Our Children
Child abuse is a hidden epidemic, which many people are blind to the fact that it’s happening right around them. According to Child Help: Child Abuse Statistics & Facts there are 3 million reported cases every year in the United States involving children in some form of child abuse. In the first years of a child, the child “begins to form long-lasting patterns of reaction and behavior” (Steele 1977). Therefore, all of the children that were a victim of abuse and neglect it can…

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