Essay on Child Abuse Is Made Every 10 Seconds

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“A report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds”, says an article giving different types of statistics about child abuse, called “Child abuse Statistics & Facts” (Childhelp). Children everywhere are suffering from an abusive parent or guardian. Most children don’t want to admit to it or report it because their guardian threatens to abuse them more, or even kill them if they do. According to Childhelp, “the United States has one of the worst records among industrialized nations”. This means that compared to most other countries, America has the largest amount of abused children. However, the parents or guardians would likely not admit to abusing their children, because they don’t view it as abuse. Parents or guardians that abuse their children likely think that when they push, kick, or even slap their children, that they’re only disciplining them. There are many different forms of abusing a child, and some can be hard to recognize. Abusive guardians could be hitting, physically or environmentally neglecting, or even emotionally abusing their child, which can cause mental health issues.
The child and the family of the child that is getting abused would be affected by the guardians’ actions. The family would care because it would likely separate their family and could cause emotional damage to the child and the family. This emotional damage could tear apart a family and could ruin the childs life. The child would care because they would be being abused, likely in more ways…

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