Essay on Child Abuse Is A Serious Problem

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Most scholars and practitioners have elaborated adverse impacts of child abuse, especially child neglect. It is very hard to think about someone being neglected, especially when it comes to an innocent child. Teachers, neighbors, nurses, and daycare providers are a few of the people who suspect and report the neglect of a child. Sadly this form of abuse is often from their own parents and it is happening in their own home. Every kid deserves de right to be free from danger and violence. Child neglect is a serious problem and it affects the child.
The term child abuse got used in a very broad array of situation that it has become hard to pin down its actual definition. However, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children has defined child abuse as any action, by minor or an adult that causes significant harm to a child. This harm can be emotional, sexual and physical. In overall, it is often a lack of care, love, and attention (Jenny). All this is the reason why child neglect is one of the major aspects with regards to child abuse. Child neglect is as damaging to a minor as physical violence and sometimes even worse. Neglect is a continuous failure to meet the basic needs of a child and is one of the most common forms of child abuse. Neglect is very dangerous and is known to cause long-lasting damage to a child. Its found that a child who suffers from neglect is susceptible to suffering from the other forms of abuse. Child neglect may get manifested in…

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