Child Abuse Is A Horrific Crime Essay

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Child Abuse
Bruises, burns, broken bones... all signs of child abuse. Many people have not seen abuse happening or the results of abuse, because there are victims in every class everywhere. They are just not known. Some examples of mind-blowing statistics about child abuse in America today are, in 2003, about 906,000 children in America were victims of child abuse. Although those numbers are very high, experts tend to believe the numbers are higher due to unreported child abuse cases. Also, "NCANDS data for 2002 demonstrated children younger than 1 year accounted for 41 percent of fatalities, while children younger than 4 years accounted for 76 percent of fatalities. This population of children is the most vulnerable for many reasons, including their dependency, small size, and inability to defend themselves." ("Child Abuse in the United States"). Child abuse is a horrific crime and needs to be addressed more in society because many cases go unreported and children do not get proper help after it is reported. The definition of child abuse is not clearly defined along with the punishments for child abusers are not harsh enough. And finally, children who suffer go to counseling to try to cope so they do not have to remember their whole life with memories of being abused.
First and foremost, although some child abuse cases are reported, there are many cases that go unreported. For example, witnesses to child abuse avoid getting involved. "Some may not want to become involved…

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