Child Abuse Research Paper

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The topic I will be discussing on will be child abuse there are different types of child abuse: emotional abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse. And these particular issue has become an involving problem in the society, where some families are scared and uncertainty on how to protect their children. EMOTIONAL ABUSE Is a pattern of psychological destructive behavior targeted towards a child or children (Gabarino, Guttman & Seeley, 1986). Included under the category of emotional abuse are isolation, terrorizing, ignoring, and corruption of the child. A child who suffers emotional abuse is often also physically abused, sexually abused,
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Each types carries with its own set of dynamics and consequences. PHYSICAL ABUSE
Child physical abuse is the non-accidental injury of a child or children inflicted by a person (Crosson –Tower, 1999). Researchers in the area of child victimization also suggest that some children are inherently at a higher risk for abuse than other children, these “at-risk” children include healthy infants born form an unplanned pregnancy or a difficult pregnancy and/or delivery, children born with physical handicaps and/or mental handicaps, fussy and hyperactive children, or those children who cry excessively. In these cases, the children are more likely to be victims of child physical abuse.
Physical abuse is one of the easiest forms of child abuse to be documented and investigated, the law enforcement can proceed in defending the child from the abuser. Some of the physical indicators of child abuse may include bruises, burns, fractures, head and/ or internal injuries, lacerations, loos of teeth, gunshot injuries and other unusual injuries such as human bite marks and bald
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• Molestation case, the child is fondled and petted by the abuser, but intercourse between the child and abuser does not take place. The child may not suffer physical signs such as vaginal tears or bleeding rectum; however the child still be left with the emotional scars of abuse.
• Assault intercourse may occur, however the intercourse is usually not physically forced. The child, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, may “consent” to having sex with the family member. In incestuous assault, the child may be left with the physical signs of sexual abuse as well as the emotional scars of victimization.
• Incestuous rape, the sexual assault is forced. The child as no control over the action and may also experience other types of abuse such as physical abuse and emotional along with sexual abuse.

It is just so sad that children who are abused in an emotional or physical way are still dependent on their abuser they display love and attachment even view there bad parents as better than not having anyone, where they resist the intervention of the law enforcement or social

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