The Various Types Of Child Abuse

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An extensive amount of children experience child abuse in today’s society that affects them during maltreatment and in their future lives. The importance of this research is to indicate what child abuse is, what types of child maltreatment are, how it will both the current and future life of a child, and what ways there are to help kids who have or are experiencing abuse. Scientist, therapist and many researching have been performing studies on kids who have experienced any type of child abuse and kids who have not experienced any to determine the differences in their lives. Since child abuse has become a vast situation in many places the research and studies are needed to determine how it affects the child, and how it can be fixed.
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The highest percentage of abuse done is neglect which is at 78.3%. From here it goes down subsequently to physical abuse (17.6%), other(10.3%), sexual abuse (9.2%), psychological abuse (8.1%) and lastly medical neglect (2.4%). All these types of abuses can change a child 's in so many ways, but in order to help the child there must be an abuser. So the next problem social workers have is how to define who is doing the actual abusin. Many people stereotype in this kind of situation. To most it is a non biological parent who is performing these horrific actions. Another stereotype is a father because in today 's society men are believed to do more violence than women. This statement has been found wrong in many situations, it is more likely for a biological mother to abuse their child than it it for an unbiological …show more content…
A article states ”92% of the children experienced more than one type of maltreatment: 65% had a history of physical abuse, 24% sexual abuse, 83% neglect, 65% emotional abuse, and 70% witnessed domestic violence.”(Weder). All abuses can cause different reactions and different problems in the future. The same article states “Child abuse is highly prevalent and is associated with increased risk for a range of health problems” (Weder). SOme of these health problems are cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes, and multiple psychiatric disease. Almost all of the effects that occur in their future take place while they are being abused, but some become more extensive as a child grows older. Some of the most obvious are suicide attempts and depression. As a child grows older they start getting into sex, drugs, jail time, etc. There is not much research done on how exactly it affects a child during the treatment because it is unlikely to be able to get research like that, but there is tons on how it affects their future life. Research was conducted on what the future behaviors of a child would be if one experienced child abuse. The research hypothesis states “This study examines whether the ages of onset of four risk behaviors—sexual intercourse, alcohol use, drug use, and criminal behavior—mediate the relationship between child maltreatment and outcomes in

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