Child Abuse Case Study

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2. I believe that a person who suffers abuse from an abuser should be called a surviving victim however, that is not one of my options here so I would have to say that I would pick victim over survivor. One of the reasons that I would chose a victim is because of my past. I grew up in an abusive home and so I was abused by my parents on a regular basis. I know that coming from that state I am a victim and that I survived my abuse but I feel more like a victim than a survivor. I think this way because when I think of surviving I think about overcoming the abuse and moving past it. I know from experience that I have escaped much of the physical abuse so I have gotten away from the abusers however, I have not been able to move past being abused. Everything that I do comes from that aspect of my …show more content…
If a woman marries an abuser they are with the abuser at least 8 hours of every day. If they stay in that abusive relationship for at least 1 year they are with the abuser for at least 2,920 hours a year. Let’s say that are abused for half of that time together the abused woman is abused for 1,460 hours a year that is around 61 days out of the year. Now most abused victims stay in abusive relationship longer than a year and so for each year 61 days of abuse would be added to the equation. Let’s say that the average person stays in an abusive relationship for 5 years that is 305 days a year. That is only 60 days short of being abused every day for a whole year. It takes the average person 3 months to get over every day that they were abused. The reason for that is because they eventually start to believe the abuser and start to abuse themselves. To heal someone who was abused they have to change their way of thinking. This can take a lot of time and energy and sometime the abused victim never fully recovers from the

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