Child Abuse And The United States Essay

1880 Words Dec 18th, 2015 null Page
Child Abuse in the U.S Every year more than three million cases of child abuse get reported in United States. Child abuse occurs more often than people think, and there is a wide range of victims for child abuse. Many children have do deal with emotional abuse which is not as common as physical abuse but is more powerful in its own ways. The problem is there is many cases of child abuse that are unreported. Child abuse can sometimes be unintentional but there is also treatment in which can help put child abuse to a stop. In the end there is a huge effect on children who get abused which unfortunately in the end make them targets for becoming criminals when they are older. Child abuse is brutal and no child should ever have to go through it.
Without a doubt child abuse in the United States is a massive problem. In 2012 one or even both of the parents were involved in 79 percent of child abuse (“Child abuse is increasing”). So the other 21 percent has to be someone other than the child’s parents. It is also estimated that every 10 seconds in the United States there is an incident of child abuse that occurs (“Child abuse statistics”). Now let 's do the math there is 8,6400 seconds in one day. If you divide that by 10 you get 8,640 reports of child abuse just in America itself. So every single day there is an estimated 8,640 reports of child abuse that goes on. In 1997 an estimated 3,195,000 children were reported to protective services agencies as they were found to be victims…

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