Essay on Child Abuse And Sexual Abuse

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The early stages of an individual 's life are often very essential to the development of an individual 's character. Ordinarily a person proceeds through their infancy and childhood years, then enters their adolescent years and begin to assemble their own characteristics to become their true self. However, there are multiple factors that many adolescents face that can interrupt their development. One pivotal factor that some children face is some type of child abuse. A particular form of child abuse is sexual child abuse. There are multiple influences and factors that can be taken into consideration when discussing risks of sexual child abuse in adolescence. For instance, community and family characteristics of the child can be an influence in whether or not the child is at risk for sexual abuse. Issues resulting from the neglect of the child are other factors that should be taken into consideration. The child’s abuser is a vital factor that should consider as well. Nonetheless, all aspects of child abuse are very important and should be tackled head on and addressed publicly. The community characteristics of a child can be very vital when determining whether adolescents have a greater risk in getting abused. The location of an individual can influence the chances of them being sexual abused. According to the Journal of child sexual abuse, “the higher the poverty rate in a community, the higher the risk is of maltreatment (Matta Oshima Jonson-Reid & Seay, 2014). It also…

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