Child Abuse And Neglect Of Children Essay

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There is not an accurate number depicting how many children and adults are living with this type of pain. Child abuse and neglect is cruel with lifelong lasting effects. Do you know what it is like to live everyday with this heaviness? English (1998) noted; “While knowing how many children are abused and neglected is critical to policy development, understanding the factors that contribute to maltreatment and that shape its consequences for children is crucial to the development of prevention and treatment approaches.” Choose not to be an enabler. Society must recognize child abuse and neglect in order to prevent it for those who lack a voice.
The type of characteristics a caregiver or parent has can influence the likeliness of child abuse or neglect. While there are numerous traits, these are some that increase the possibility. Have they been a product of domestic violence, child abuse or other forms of maltreatment? Are they drug addicts, alcoholics or have a psychiatric condition? Having one of these or several sets the stage. Even daily life situations can raise the possibilities. During an interview with Garwood (2014) she stated, “Violence trends with the security of the economy.” The crisis effects are rippling with home foreclosures, job loss, depletion of savings, divorce, serious illness, removing routines from house holds and added costs from the Patient Protect and Affordable Care Act. Many parents are trying their best, but sometimes losing control of the…

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