Child Abuse And Neglect Affects All Essay

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Objective 1

In this first part of the training, participants will discuss how child abuse and neglect affects all; we will also discuss what child abuse and neglect is and identify the four types of abuse and neglect.

Child Abuse is Contagious Activity

Before beginning the training, the trainer will ask few people in the audience and tell them they will have special instructions (see steps below).
Ask people to greet one another. Encourage them to get out of their seat, walk around, and shake hands with five or more other people. As they shake hands, they should say to each other "Child abuse is wrong!"

The trainer will tell the audience that a few people will not say it they will say “I am abuse” and they will give you some bandages.
Participants will be instructed to keep saying "Child abuse is wrong!" unless they are greeted by someone who says “I am abuse” Once this happens, they must change their own greeting to “I am abuse” and give the new person some bandages

After a few minutes, the participants will return to their seats. The trainer will ask the original “I am abuse” participants to stand and remain standing. Then, ask for all other participants who were told “I am abuse” to stand. As a group we will discuss how the participants felt and how child abuse is contagious and affect all.

What is Child Abuse and Neglect?

Next the trainer will ask the participants to look at (HANDOUTS #1 A&B) as the trainer gives a short lecture what child abuse and neglect is,…

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