Child Abuse And Its Impact On Adolescents Essay example

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There are children in America who have an interaction with their caregiver that either encounter child abuse or corporal punishment. Corporal punishment represents the constrained use of physical force to preserve the notion of discipline. On the other hand, child abuse evokes misconduct that can be in any form that includes of sexual abuse, physical abuse, or neglect and abandonment. Yet, the dilemma in America expresses that an abundant amount of people have a strenuous time of espying the contrast between maltreatment and disciplinary punishment. Many parents have a perception that spanking or hitting their child is not deliberated to be child abuse due to the concept of discipline and teaching morals; however any abuse that subsists of physical, emotional, or sexual contact that is composed intentionally by the caregiver is child maltreatment. Moreover, numerous of people do not foresee or fathom the overview about child abuse and its impact on adolescents. Maltreatment that ensues in children has been recognized to be a complication that has endured for generations. Researchers have portrayed that child maltreatment is as “old as childhood itself” and throughout “history and across cultures” (Cecil and Korbin). Even though this notion has transpired for decades, the dilemma of acknowledging its impact on children has not reached the surface of society and public until the year of 1960. Since then, child abuse has aggressively progressed over the years into an…

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