Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children Essay

2297 Words May 9th, 2016 null Page
In the United States, child abuse is a prevalent social problem that affects millions of children each year. It not only influences the child’s upbringing, but it also has consequences toward the nation’s economy. In hindsight, there are solutions to this problem. Home visitation, as well as, increasing child abuse awareness and providing evidence-based practice programs will significantly reduce child abuse. Guided by social work’s history and principles, the benefits of these solutions will outweigh the cons that may arise. Furthermore, through careful observation, the resolution’s effectiveness will be determined through data and statistics of the findings. Child abuse is a serious issue which has a lasting impact on the victim and their families. It is a necessity to contest this issue, and by applying these solutions, child abuse can be greatly reduced.
Child abuse is defined as the maltreatment of a child and their wellbeing, and there are four common types of child abuse. The four that’ll be described are neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse; the first is neglect. Neglect is the inadequate provision for the child’s safety and health by the guardian; this includes but is not limited to food, clothing, a place to live, or medical care; the second is physical abuse. Physical abuse is the physical assault directed at the child by an adult; this includes but is not limited to choking, hitting, shaking, and burning; the third is sexual abuse. Sexual…

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