Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Child abuse is often perceived as a rare and horrific exception that only happens to other people. We hear of it on the news sometimes, can 't believe such monsters exist in our society, and want them castrated and executed. However, this view isn 't very realistic. Child abuse comes in various forms and degrees, affects roughly half of children (see link to stats below), and most of it is done by the child 's immediate family, mothers and fathers. Seeing it as a rare exception rather than an unfortunate but common occurrence results in dismissing the issue as "not bad enough," when we 're faced with it. Abusive parents continue harming their kids because they don 't identify themselves as the TV monsters and don 't realize that what they are doing also constitutes child abuse. Relatives, neighbors, teachers, etc aren 't interfering because they don 't want to label the parent as a child abuser because s/he didn 't mean it. Their children feel the same way when they grow up, and as a result aren 't getting the support they need to recover from the trauma and repair the damage it caused. Many abusive parents aren 't monsters and weren 't trying to hurt their child deliberately, so aside from the saint/monster classification it 's important to recognize the "they screwed up" option as well.

Child abuse comes in a few forms, but the overall idea is that an adult causes harm to a child, through action or through inaction. For example, a mother left her child in a locked car at…

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