Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children Essays

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For many years, society has divided child abuse into two categories: physical abuse and sexual abuse. Due to the lack of physical evidence, it is much harder to prove emotional abuse. Every year there are thousands of children who suffer from abuse and neglect. According to the Administration on Children, Youth and Families, in 2013 there were 679,000 victims of child abuse and neglect reported to CPS agencies in the United States. When one hears the word abuse and neglect they often default to thinking of only physical aspects of abuse, thousands of children suffer from emotional and psychological maltreatment by the hands of those they trust and love. Defining this form of abuse and neglect is often the most difficult type to define or isolate because there are not any physical affects to be seen. Still, the emotional abuse that is endured by the victim from abuse and neglect often intensifies victim’s scars. The health effects associated with emotional abuse include: poor physical health, mental illness, and destructive behavior.
It is important to have an understanding of the long-term consequences of emotional abuse and how it can manifest into adulthood. A research lead by Robert Anda and Vincent Felitti shows great correlation between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and health problems. The study concluded that childhood victimization causes health problems directly or indirectly. Among the diseases that correlate with emotional abuse are chronic obstructive…

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