Child Abuse And Its Effect On Children Essay

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On the day before Easter the mentally unstable mother of a five-year-old Bronx boy named Daytown Bennet tied him to a chair and beat him to death with a broomstick. Starving when he died- he weighed just 30 pounds" (Grapes 54). This event with Daytown is another case in the books. The sad situation is this is happening on a daily basis. How do we help a child who we know is being abused? Child abuse comes in many shapes and forms, but overall children should not have to deal with the actions of their parents. The children should not bare the pain from the individuals that brought them into this world. Child abuse such as physical, emotional, sexually, and child neglect is happening at this moment and all around in our daily life.

"Authorities estimate that one out of four girls and one out of seven boys will be sexually abused or molested before age eighteen" (Cooney 18). "Sexual abuse is when an adult uses a child for sexual purposes or involves a child in sexual acts" ( When people hear on the streets or interacts with a person who has been sexual abused, they instantly get the assumption that the personal was forced into intercourse. That is not what all sexual abuse is. It consists of the event of the abuser touching the victim inappropriately, fondling, and even forcing the victim to do the events back. We all were raised by our parents to not talk to strangers or pedophiles will come take us. Most sexual adults come from the immediate family. The…

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