Child Abuse And Child Neglect Essay

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Child Abuse There are a variety of ways children can be abused. They can be abused at home, school or essentially anywhere. There are many methods of child abuse, some of these include being physically abused, sexually abused, emotionally abused and are being neglected. Kids that get abused generally don 't like talking about it to anybody, they just keep it in and let it get to them until it finally comes out. Emotional abuse involves getting yelled at, getting called names and or people making fun of you for things. Physical abuse involves getting punched/hit or getting beat for something you did. Kids at school get punched/hit and bullied sometimes and then they have to go home some of them get abused there too. It is estimated that 28.3% of adults report being physically abused as a child. In addition 20.7% of adults reported being sexually abused as a child. As well as 10.6% of adults reported being emotionally abused as a child. Child neglect is also a type of abuse. Child neglect is when a parent or caregiver doesn 't give them the essentials to life and doesn 't care for them. The reason why children get abused by their parents is because they got abused when they were a kid and they don 't know anything else. Sexual abuse is when somebody does sexual acts to a kid that cannot comprehend or consent to. There are a many signs to see if your child is getting physically abused, sexually abused, emotionally abused. Some signs involving physically abuse are bruises,…

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