Child Abandonment And Neglect Of An Minor Child Essay

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Child Abandonment is an increasing issue in the United States and also takes place plenty of times in other parts of the world (Brannagan). Abandonment is considered a form of Neglect by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and results similar negative outcomes. There are several ways how the abandonment and neglect of an minor child can be prevented. The child can be given to a family that can be trusted and know they will take care of the child 's. Child Abandonment and Neglect from Ages 1-10 , mostly committed by the parents of the child. Research shows that child abandonment and neglect over the years created emotionally starved children. According to Legal Dictionary: Child Abandonment (1) this is why we have so much violence and crime in our children. Child Abandonment occurs when a child 's’s parent or guardian willfully withholds emotional, physical, and financial support, with no regard for the child’s safety or welfare. This crime can lead to termination of parental rights. Other consequences were when Emilie Pinski committed child abandonment and she got placed on two years of probation after pleading guilty of criminal charges of drowning her toddler outside her home (St. Louis).Child Abandonment and Neglect may cause children to commit suicide, thoughts of depression, and feel unwanted and belittled. Abandonment and Neglect can be committed in several ways by a parent, Basic Necessities are one. Leaving a child without the intentions of…

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