Essay Chief Red Cloud 's Speech

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It is only natural to assume that the viewpoint from two sides on a single subject will present a divergence of social philosophies and cultural differences. In Chief Red Cloud’s speech before a host of American supporters recorded as “Native American Rights,” is heard the angst of the native American. In Francis Walker’s report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs title “The Dilemma of Indian Policy,” is heard the anger of those who see Native Americans as a threat and the need to implement a policy of subjugation. Both voices ring true, but in the ringing of truth is heard the frustration of inaction, greed, and political duplicity.
Chief Red Cloud spoke before a crowd of American citizen supporters. His purpose was to articulate the reality of Native American life from the beginning of the European immigration through the conquest of Native American lands and the eventual relegation of Native Americans to small reservations. Red Cloud did not limit his audience to those in attendance. His intention was to address all American citizens. His was a plea for tolerance, sustenance, and compassion.
Chief Red Cloud’s first point involved the Native American belief in inclusion and how all humans are made from the same substance by the same Father. “The Good Spirit made us both” (1). His second point revolved around the differences between the two races, learned differences that are superficial in nature, yet are observed as fundamental by many. “The Great Father made us poor…

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