Essay on Chief Nursing Officer Impact On Staff Nursing

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Chief Nursing Officer Impact on Staff Nursing
A Chief Nursing Officer is one of the highest nurse management positions in healthcare, responsible for ensuring that patient care, as well as clinical and staffing standards are met. A Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) supervises nurses and nurse managers, recommends strategies to improve nursing services, develops policies and procedures, and ensures that employees comply with the established standards and regulations. They are in charge of recruiting, hiring, retention of staff, and providing guidance to fellow colleagues. CNOs may also develop patient care programs, participate in cross-departmental decision making, conduct performance improvement activities, and represent nursing services at board meetings. A CNO impact nurses in their practice by developing a trusting relationship with the staff and speaking from past experience when creating policies.
Chief Nursing Officers should, develop and sustain a relationship with nurses to create a positive a work environment, helping nurses thrive. Having a relationship with the staff nurses allows them to give back to the hospital in a plethora of ways and have a positive effect on patient care outcomes. Chief Nursing Officers play a part in nurse’s success, by acting as a mentor, constructing networks, and by bringing employees together. CNOs that create a trusting environment generate positive outcomes, such as sharing ideas, and creating a common goal of better patient care.

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