Chief Bromden Essay

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Juwan Kinsey

Eng. 3


The Potrayal of Chief Bromden’s Shallowness and Upcomance

Bromden is a very conservative yet diverse character. In “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”, Ken Kesey depicts Bromden as an inconfident, shallow man with great hidden potenial that only shines when he is pushed. Many reasons of his flaws and triumphs can be seen through out the book.

There are several sources of Bromden’s shortcomings that contribute to him being seen as shallow. One of which being his overly abrasive childhood. When his tribe and family lost land to richer people who needed it for monetary purposes, he had an emotional drop. “But when his dad, who was the chief of the very large and modern Indian tribe,
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Knowing this, Bromden attempts to keep a strong will but begins to think he’s only fooling himself. The pressure of not conforming pushes Bromden away from the Combine but drew him further and further into the shallow abyss of his enigmatic sorrow. Another contribution to his shallowness is his supressed childhood memories. “The fact that he never openly let out his feelings about his father’s plummet in status and emotions caused him to feel deep regret.” (Telgen 222) His father was an idol for him that whom he constantly looked up to. When it all hit the fan, he wasn’t sure how to take it. The only way he could figure out how to cope with it was by sulking and pittying himself and his father. He also had a memory from when he went to a fabric factory for a school trip and met a girl who worked there. He liked talking to her. He missed being able to speak with someone as openly as he spoke with her. Remembering times like this is what caused him to become very shallow in the first place. But a fairly larger addition to his shallowness cam from the Big Nurse. The Big Nurse ran the ward with an iron fist that no one thought was possible to break or unfold. What bothered Bromden was her use of reverse psychology and hidden treachery to get under the skin of the patients so that she could slowly break them down from the inside out. It hurt him to see it in

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