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Question: Discuss the potential contribution that chicory could make to New Zealand farming systems

Title: Chicory’s (Cichorium intybus) agronomic principles, contribution to farming and the associated limitations- an analysis

Chicory (Cichorium intybus) is an increasingly popular crop that is excellent in providing high quality feed and high mineral content to grazing animals. Chicory is fast to establish and competitive for its resources given the right conditions, thus has high yields that occur in autumn, spring and summer. Yields expected, range from 8- 10t/ ha which consist of green leaf tissue which is valuable to New Zealand farms. The aim of the report is to find out the
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(1995). The capability of the plant to regenerate and protect the crown and tap root is diabolical. The deep tap root of the plant gives invaluable resilience for survival access any moisture and be more tolerable in the conditions. This unique anatomical ability gives chicory the capability to yield 10t/ ha in good situations. However this production is not constant. Chicory is non- existent in winter due to its dormancy and this literally means there is no production.
Chicory thrive on free-draining soils with medium to high fertility. The constant supply of fertiliser is necessary to sustain high production. The fertiliser requirement differs depending on the initial soil status. The following nutrient requirement are normally, Olsen Phosphorus (P) 20-30mg kg-1, and potassium (K) >8mg kg-1, and sulphur (S) >10 mg kg-1 (1993). The recommended maintenance rate (2002) suggests 35 kg N ha-1, 35 kg P, and K ha−1, and 20–30 kg S ha−1 is sufficient by early spring. In order for the fertiliser to be most effective the water supply must be adequate.
Main impacts (Cichorium intybus) has on New Zealand farms
The primary contribution of herbs in pastoral systems is to provide high quality, mineral rich feed in the spring and summer to maintain or increase feed supply. The pasture supply isn’t always at optimal, hence why the incorporation of

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