Chicken-Hips by Cathetine Piggot Essay

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Influence is powerful in determining one’s future. Actions behaviors and opinions are all connected to impact of others and the way they shape our views on the world as well as ourselves. Self-Image is dependent on the acceptance of others, thus always changing since one’s morals and ethics do not stay the same as time goes on. Influence of others play a role on how one tends to view themselves and people around them, by either being forced to conform to a country’s lifestyle, completing constant tasks to keep up with society’s demands, or being able to be content with oneself rather than being blinded of the onslaught of constant expectations. When living in a country, we are pressured to become accustomed to what is considered …show more content…
Both stories express how a country’s ideals influence the individual to either behave according to socially acceptable standards, or face bullying and constant hassles.

One’s society pressures the individual to be accepted by peers in ridiculous ways. The short story Chicken-Hips, features how the main characters is influenced by her family to join an exercise club in order to, “look and feel better.” She begins to battle negative thoughts of her body image when she tries on the clothes at the mall, which hang so elegantly on numerous slender mannequins, yet look horrible on her own unique body. She eventually joins a gym and runs back and forth in a room in order to be approved by her peers. She feels like a fool as she exercises, yet continues to with stamina because she dreads the thought of people saying, “She’s let herself go.” The article, Progress, stresses that we are already spotting people at restaurants talking into cellular phones as they dine. “Others take modems on vacations, so they can stay in touch with their offices at all times.” Alan Lightman, the author of the article, believes that this kind of behaviour is destructive and contributes to the bad decisions that are being made because of the rapidity of transmitting and responding to E-mail messages. A slim body is the latest trend in Canada and is idolized by all females, to the point where “(women) deny ourselves food in our pursuit of perfect slenderness.” One must find a balance in life

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