Chick Fil A 's Food Essay

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After the quality of the food is considered, the next logical thing to look at is how it is being served. The service is another important factor when eating out because it sets the stage of how the meal will go. If the employees are rude or disrespectful it will ruin the rest of the night because even after the issue is solved the customer will still be fuming after the encounter. On the other hand if the service is wonderful the customer can then focus on the quality of the food. It is already clear that Chick-fil-A’s food is excellent, so it is important to analyze their service to see if it is up to par with similar restaurants and if it is unique. When one walks into Chick-fil-A it is required for employees to seem “genuinely happy and ready to serve” (Uddin). Being greeted with a smile might not make everyone’s day better, but it does not hurt to do so. Also, Chick-fil-A is known for quirky sayings which are a part of the training of every employee, so “instead of ‘you’re welcome’ [they] say ‘my pleasure’ or ‘would you like a refill?’ is instead ‘may I refresh your beverage?’” (Uddin). This certainly differs from other fast food restaurants, but the biggest difference is in how the customer receives the food. Instead of waiting at the counter to pick up the food, it is instead delivered straight to the table. This can be very convenient and makes the whole dinner this then a hassle. Chick-fil-A also prides itself in giving fast and “second-mile service” which Uddin…

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