Chicago Is Notorious For Its Abundance Of Gangs And Violent Crime

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Chicago is notorious for its abundance of gangs and violent crime, yet what if these were just smaller parts of a much bigger picture and you were told that Chicago had one of the most thriving underground economies in the United States? What if this underground economy had more advantages to it than meets the eye? It goes without saying that any gang-related activity is unethical, yet what makes that so? An underground economy is defined, as “illegal economic activity which entails transactions where a good/service is illicit, or the transaction itself does not meet government regulations and requirements” (Investopedia 2015.) So what if the sale and production of the drugs that many gangs distribute became legalized? Would it then be easier to see why this activity goes on? There are many questions that can be postulated when it comes to the black market of cities such as Chicago, yet it would take a first-hand look at these societies to understand why people resort to joining gangs and selling drugs. That is where the book “Gang Leader for a Day” by Sudhir Venkatesh shines light upon many of these questions, as it encapsulates an underground economy that a rogue sociologist (Venkatesh) was able to “infiltrate” and was even given the option to manage a portion. Underground economies persist because many people are unable to obtain legal jobs or licit forms of making money, though it is not ethical there are still advantages to them, and the government seeks new ways to…

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