Chicago Bears Vs. Seattle Seahawks Essay

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Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks Today the National Football League seems to be the hot bed of social issues. Every time I turn on the television another football player has struck again. Our society is run by money, power, and status. One of the monsters and leading powerhouses in our society is none other than the NFL. With all the new and growing inventions in our society, groups of men throwing, catching, running, and hitting are some of the top money makers in the world. Although, I am a fan of football, the NFL is not something that I would typically spend my lazy Sundays watching. Even though I am forced to watch Jaguars games because of my roommate’s loyalty to the ever losing team. We all live in a world where athletes are our heroes. They spend years training for a short-lived professional career due the extreme physicality it takes to be a football player. They show up on Sundays and have crowds of people chanting their names. They have little children wanting to wear that number because that is there favorite player. Football has done many things to this country that other things would never be able to do for us. What happens to us as our heroes begin to fall? I can list numerous amounts of athletes that have fallen from their pedestals. This is not due to injury or even football at home but for the mistakes that they have made especially related to violence against women.
We have seen that our society is a forgiving one. For example, Michael…

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