Chic Arboiz: Ethics Of Ethical Dilemmas In Patient Care

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As part of an assignment for the nursing ethics paper, I interviewed Chic Arboiz, who’s a registered nurse working at Natividad Medical Center in Salinas, CA. Arboiz is a naturalized citizen, and graduated with a BSN degree from Misamis University (MU), located in Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines. According to Barbara Brush (2008), approximately 50 percent of all foreign nurses received their basic education in the Philippines. Since foreign educated workers bring differing ethical approaches to each occupational workforce, and due to the large number of overseas nurses from the Philippines, I thought it would be most appropriate to interview Arboiz.
On September 17, I started the interview by asking Arboiz’s point of view about a common ethical problem encountered that directly affects patient care. Arboiz stated, “I really dislike it when patients are intolerably rude and impatient.” I understood what she meant. Most everyone knows what it is like to deal with an impatient person. Even the most tolerant people in the world may become stressed and intolerant due to invasive medical procedures. It is not unusual for a patient in a hospital setting to have multiple doctors treating various
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They are building blocks stacked upon each other, and removal of one cause instability in the other. Arboiz’s example of an ethical dilemma provides the bases of two functional lessons that can be applied in everyday care for both myself and other future nurses. The first lesson has to do with nurses themselves. Nursing must uphold the values and nursing standard demonstrative in all nursing codes of conduct. The second lesson relates to the nurse-patient relationship in that every nurse cannot harbor feelings of anger or hostility towards any patient, regardless of situation. Additionally, nurse-client communication is key to dissolving hostile feelings directed towards

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