Chi Raq : An Example Of The Strength Essay

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Chi-Raq: an example of the strength of the female
Between 2003 and 2011 approximately 4,424 americans were killed in the Iraqi war but this is nothing compared to the 7,356 americans who died Chicago between the years of 2001-2015 as a result of this violent history and crime rates the residents of Chicago have given the city the epithet Chi-Ra. Spike Lee’s 2015 musical Chi-Raq tells the story of one woman’s struggle to end a rivalry between the violent gangs that live in her city and the strength and power women possess. Due to the seamlessness through which the script has been written it may be difficult to tell but Chi-Raq is indeed a musical, this can be seen not only through the well choreographed musical numbers but also throughout most of the script which is delivered through a rapped blend of iambic pentameter and rhyming couplet. This Rhythm adds a much needed order to the otherwise chaotic city. unlike most films that deal with issues this serious tend to use low-key lighting in order to allow the characters to hide in the shadows whilst doing their nefarious deeds this film uses HIghkey lighting throughout leaving nothing for people to hide behind as the film brings to light these serious the serious issues of gang violence.
All throughout the film Samuel L Jackson’s Character Dolmedes constantly breaks the fourth wall when he serves as a sort of narrator to deliver pertinent information the the audience. the first character Dolmedes introduces us to is Nick…

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