Chewing Tobacco Should Be Banned From Professional Baseball Essay examples

1726 Words Nov 9th, 2015 null Page
Chewing tobacco should be banned from professional baseball because it is an unhealthy addiction and leaves a negative impact on America’s youth. Chewing tobacco has been a part of the game for too long and has been causing problems since the beginning. It has been used throughout the game by players and managers alike; this widespread use has been a negative influence to the younger generation in America. Seeing their heroes (professional athletes), chewing, has caused kids to follow in their footsteps and take up the nasty habit as well. Once you start chewing, it is highly addictive and extremely hard to break once you have started. Chewing tobacco has been in baseball long enough. With all of the negative health consequences and the impact it has had on people, chewing tobacco should be banned from Major League Baseball and baseball in general. Smokeless tobacco includes a variety of things and is not limited to only chewing tobacco. It includes: chew, snuff, dip, spit, and chaw. The main difference in all of these forms of smokeless tobacco are how finely ground the tobacco leaves are, ranging from tobacco leaves still intact, to fine powdery tobacco leaves. Even through these differences, they are all rather similar, in that they all contain nicotine. This is what is dangerous in smokeless tobacco. It has almost the same ingredients as cigarettes, and just as many health consequences as cigarettes. Smokeless users have an 80 percent higher risk of oral cancer and a…

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