Essay about Chew On The Fast Food Industry

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The book, Chew On This, is about what the fast food industry does not tell you what is in your food, how your food is made and where it comes from. The book informs you of what the fast-food industry does to their food that they sell. It also talks about some history of how some fast food companies are build and how hamburgers are invented. The topic is limited because the book only elaborates the negative side of the fast food industry. Some facts that are talked about in this book are how some fast food products are produced, invented and made, how companies started, and what the fast food industry is not telling us about what we eat from their stores. The facts that were omitted were the positive things that we get from fast food industries. The author wanted us to think about the negative things of what we get from fast food. The quote, "The point of this book is to take that strong impulse we all feel - our hunger for sweet, salty, fatty fast foods- and make you think about it." (Schlosser & Wilson, 2006, p.8) proves that the author wants us to think about the negative things we get from deciding to eat at fast food restaurants. The thesis of this book is that fast food companies are trying to target kids to go to their restaurant and the author wants us to inform kids what is on fast food products so that they will not turn obese. The author wants the next generation of kids to be healthier than this generation. The thesis is implied because the author stated facts…

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