Chevron's Conduct And Ethics Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Integrity, trust, diversity, ingenuity, partnership, protecting people and the environment, and high performance are all attributes for instilling the fundamental values within the company (Chevron, 2013). There is an understanding of respecting the law, supporting universal human rights, protecting the environment and benefiting the communities in which they live. Chevron and its employees have a worldwide reputation for conducting business with honesty and integrity. Their Business Conduct and Ethics Code provide information about how they conduct their daily business activities according to the principles of The Chevron Way. The Business Conduct and Ethics Code is required reading for all of Chevron’s directors and employees (Rojas, …show more content…
First, embracing the role and responsibility role is vital to understanding authority, guidance, compliance, reporting possible violations and non-retaliating policy. No matter where employees work, they must respect those in authority, including the law at all times. Since Chevron is a global company, they must be mindful of how each country engages in business practices and follow their unique laws and regulations. Sometimes there may be significant differences form one location to another and between regions within a single country. Ultimately no matter where Chevron’s employees work, they are all responsible for respecting all applicable laws and following the policies in the code of

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