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Chevron Corporation is a one of the American multinational company that mainly deals with the energy corporation in which they produce safe, reliable energy to others now and for the future. Chevron Corporation was established in 1879 which generally deals with the energy products such as oil, gas, and geothermal energy industries such as marketing, refining, production, exploration, and sales. Chevron has been very successful company of standard oil, where their main headquarter is in San Ramon, California, and they have been part of more than 180 countries across the world. Chevron company was renamed many times, as in 1911, the company was to be known as Standard oil Co. then later in 1926, the company changed name to Standard oil Co. …show more content…
In spite of chevron being successful and one of the biggest oil company in America, they have had to suffer a lot to get their way to success because there is not even one company who does not have to go through obstacles to achieve success. In 2016, Chevron announces that they first fully-owned subordinate Unocal East China Sea, LTD in which they began the process of natural gas production from the first state of the Chuandongbei project in southwest China. In addition, Chuandongbei project is a huge onshore gas project that was advanced by international oil company and a national company in china. According to “Crouching Tiger” by Peter Navarro states that China to be known as one the world’s largest oil importer in which “over 70 percent of china’s petroleum imports along with almost half of china’s energy needs must travel first Africa, then pass through one of the most infamous maritime choke points in the world the Malacca strait” ( Navarro 29). In today’s world, to achieve this success, Chevron has to go through several challenges and decisions they have to make toward the project such as investments, location of fields, and choice of supplies and consumers etc. In addition, it shows that most of the resolutions for the project was made is mainly related to china as they signed the 30 year production-sharing contract in central china in …show more content…
Essentially, providing facilities to china allows Chevron to help themselves to expand their growth in china with other companies, and the community, as the more products they provide to china, the more opportunities they will get to expand their business in the region. Additionally, China is one of the crucial part of Chevron Corporation for 100 years ago since they started trading Kerosene with Shanghai’s. China mainly depends on Chevron Corporation products such as petroleum, natural gas exploration, fuels, etc. The trade between two countries tend to strengthen the special partnership between china and the chevron corporation. Furthermore, they have signed a production sharing contract (PSC) with China Natural Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) for the joint development of the Chuandongbei natural gas area in the Sichuan Basin in southwest China. Chevron has exported a countless products into the Chinese market especially in 2015. For example, net average daily production was approximately about 24,000 barrels of crude oil and performed about 487,000 acre for the Chuandongbei natural gas with 49% interest. Also, the company collaborates with the Bohai Bay where they maintain 16.2% nonoperated working interest

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