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Unit Title: Communications in Business 100

Assessment: Critical Essay

Company: Chevron

Essay Title: An examination on performance of Chevron Corporation

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Society affected by the impact of Chevron Corporation on environment.
Nowadays, recycling, ecology, environmental protection ... are a part of everyday citizens, businesses, politicians; an awareness that has allowed the development of an economic sector and the creation of new jobs. The global warming has increased our
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As a consequence, the petroleum activities of Chevron Corporation in Brazil have been temporarily stopped. Another fine of 42 millions euro was given to them by Brazil government, but also 17 high level staffs of the industry are prosecuted and will have to pay a fine of 1 million reais, which represent 415000 Euros.(Brazil 2012)

Positive impact of Chevron Corporation in environment and stakeholders health.
While Chevron Corporation activities in Brazil or equator have been described as negative for the environment, this has not always been the case. Chevron Corporation deployed a program in 2007, the ESHIA (Environment, Social and Health impact assessment process) to anticipate and avoid any negative impacts on health and environment. Chevron has also made a biodiversity statement which expresses its commitment to incorporating biodiversity consideration, as part of their ESHIA program (Chevron 2011). For instance, the Salak project inside one of Indonesia’s biggest national park has for main purposes to preserve the biodiversity in this area. They work with the local farmers to protect species, such as, gibbons, hawk eagles and leopards. Chevron also received an award by Indonesia community for Best Environmental Management during their operations at Salak. (Chevron 2011) Such example provides evidence of chevron commitments with regards to environmental issues while helping the world meet their need for energy.

Stakeholders, such as employees are

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