Chestnut Ridge Case Essay example

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Management (or Decision) Problem The board at Chestnut Ridge Country Club are concerned that they have a declining amount of membership applications. They feel that this cannot be due to any factors outside of their control such as the local economy or change in preferences because they suspect enrollment remains level at three local competitors, Chalet, Lancaster and Alden country clubs. The board has decided to conduct a survey of the local country club membership pool to better understand what reasons may be effecting their declining membership enrollments because they cannot determine any reasons for this to be happening to only them.

Research Problem & Objectives The research firm intends to conduct a survey of the memberships
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Do you think it was ethical for the chairmen to release the names of their members in return for a report that analyzes their members’ perceptions toward their own club? It was not ethical of the researchers to not disclose their true intent for the research project to the other clubs but if they hadn’t the other clubs almost certainly wouldn’t have helped them. Sometimes this may be necessary to avoid alerting the other clubs about Chestnut Ridge’s trouble recruiting members and perception problems. I think considering the circumstances it was ethical for the chairman to release the list of member’s information to the company from their perspective. The chairman is getting an essentially free study conducted about the club to try and improve the club where members see problems. The only problem I can see is annoyed members being contacted for a survey about their experience when they know the researchers must have got their contact information from the country club.

3. Overall, how does Chestnut Ridge compare to the other three country clubs (Alden, Chalet, and Lancaster)? Chestnut Ridge compares favorably to the other clubs in that it has the same or more facilities than the other clubs. Alden club and Chalet lack a swimming pool while Lancaster club is the only club that compares similarly to Chestnut Ridge for facilities. By having more to offer it can be viewed as being a better value and more complete package. It also ranks higher for

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