Chesapeake Colonies Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Another Virginia improvement was the

development of a representative democracy, which enabled landowners to vote for

representatives, specifically in the House of Burgesses.

Life for the early New England settlers differed far greatly than that of the

Chesapeake region. Pure water and milder temperatures caused diseases to become rare.

Therefore, New England settlers added ten years to their life spans. Also, unlike the

Chesapeake settlers, “New Englanders migrated in family units”(Document B). This

observation in document B along with early marriages caused New England’s population

to dramatically increase. The New England town life was organized into small villages

and farms. It was stated in the “Articles of Agreement that: the new settlers intended for

their towns to be composed of forty and poor. Every inhabitant was to have

a convenient proportion for a house lot, as what was seen fit for everyone’s quality and

estate. Also, everyone was to have a share of the meadows or planting ground.”


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