Cherokee Blood, If Not Destroyed Essay

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“Cherokee blood, if not destroyed, will win it’s course in beings of fair complexions, who will read that their ancestors became civilized under the frowns of misfortune, and the causes of their enemies.” This quote is a prime example of the hardships that the Cherokees had to endure and live with. The Cherokees are of Iroquoian decent and they are one of the five tribes that had settled in Southeast America. They were known as being the most culturally and socially advanced in the 19th century and they are also remembered by the Trail of Tears. This Native American tribe had quite a background being in the way that they lived, their culture, and the tough times they were put through. It is a well-known myth that the Cherokees lived in teepees but they in fact lived in log houses and other houses that is said to look like an “upside down basket”. The villages that they lived in had approximately 30 to 60 residences and a total of 200 villages overall. Their villages were set up nicely and were very spacious. According to, their homes were placed around a central plaza that was used for dancing, games, and ceremonies. They had a sacred fire located at the end of the plaza which symbolized the Creator and embodiment of the spirit of the town ( The type of houses that the Cherokees lived in depended on the season they were in. For example, if it was summertime, they would live houses that were made with bark on the outside layers and then…

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