Chemistry : The Organic Chemistry Lab Essays

1040 Words Apr 19th, 2016 null Page
The organic chemistry lab this semester was a very interesting class, in that it provided further insight as to how chemical reactions occur as well as examined how drugs and different compounds can be made from those reactions. Additionally, this class more thoroughly exposed me to the different types of machines that organic chemists use to determine the structure and purity of certain compounds. Almost every experiment performed in the lab this semester included the use of IR, NMR, and GC-MS to determine the structure of the reactants and products. Furthermore, the use of those machines also gave me insight as to how difficult it is to produce a pure compound, in that occasionally some of my products would be missing some substituents. Throughout the semester most of my experiments had a product that was rather impure, thus I now understand how important it is to thoroughly follow the lab manual directions. Additionally, I believe that in future I should more thoroughly clean all of the glassware before I conduct reactions in them in order to produce more pure products. I found the molecular modeling labs to be very useful in understanding the 3D orientations of certain molecules. These exercises also allowed me to better visualize how reactions would occur if I could manipulate and break the bonds within a molecule myself. It also helped me understand the concept of free rotation in that sigma bonds allow the carbon atoms attached to them to rotate, which was…

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