Essay on Chemistry : My Favorite Hobby

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Our world and everything it contains is held together by one thing: chemistry. Chemistry plays an important role in all of our lives due to this fact. Whether in my career or in everyday events, chemistry will be an unseen, yet central, influence in my life. This is apparent in both my personal activities when baking, wearing clothing, participation in holiday traditions and my professional life when writing software, creating biological implants, engaging in computational chemistry and in the creation of the hardware I will use.
An area in my day-to-day life where chemistry is often overlooked is in my favorite hobby: baking. When baking, unless you are creating something new, you often follow a recipe to reach an end product. The recipe is frequently used to teach the concept of chemical equations to students. This is because the recipe in and of itself is a chemical formula: it has reactants, the ingredients, and products, the baked goods. The main difference between a recipe and a traditional chemical equation is that in place of hydrochloric acid and copper there is flour and eggs. Another way that recipes are like chemical equations is they both have limiting reactants. If the recipe calls for two eggs and you only have one you will only be able to make half a batch of whatever baked good you are making.
Another area where chemistry and my daily life interest is the production of the clothes on my back. According to the American Chemical Society, many properties of…

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