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Table of Context

* Introduction * Daily Life Applications * Fluorine * Introduction * Properties And Uses Of Fluorine * Fluoridation Of Water * Chlorofluorocarbons * Chlorine * Introduction * Uses Of Chlorine * Chlorine And Organic Compounds * Bromine * Introduction * Halogen Lamps * Iodine * Introduction * Uses And Applications * Astatine * Introduction * Uses And Applications

Introduction & daily life applications of halogens

INTRODUCTION: * Table salt, bleach, fluoride in toothpaste, chlorine in swimming pools—what do all of these have in
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Fluoridation Of Water:
Long before World War II, health officials in the United States noticed that communities having high concentration of fluoride in their drinking water tended to suffer a much lower incidence of tooth decay. In some areas the concentration of fluoride in the water supply was high enough that it stained people's teeth; still, at the turn of the century—an era when dental hygiene as we know it today was still in its infancy—the prevention of tooth decay was an attractive prospect. Perhaps, officials surmised, it would be possible to introduce smaller concentrations of fluoride into community drinking water, with a resulting improvement in overall dental health.
After World War II, a number of municipalities around the United States undertook the fluoridation of their water supplies, using concentrations as low as 1 ppm. Within a few years, fluoridation became a hotly debated topic, with proponents pointing to the potential health benefits and opponents arguing from the standpoint of issues not directly involved in science. It was an invasion of personal liberty, they said, for governments to force citizens to drink water which had been supplemented with a foreign substance.
During the 1950s, in fact, fluoridation became associated in some circles with Communism—just another manifestation of a government trying to control its citizens. In later years, ironically, antifluoridation efforts

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