Chemistry Is An Umbrella Term Essay

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Chemistry is an umbrella term that refers to any study of properties, compositions, and reactions occurring between elements at an atomic level. Chemistry exists in many forms: biochemistry, theoretical chemistry, and nanochemistry for instance. One form of chemistry, nuclear chemistry, deals with radioactivity and nuclear processes. The most notable of these processes is transmutation. Transmutation refers to the action that changes an atom of a specific element to a different element, either naturally or artificially. Natural transmutations are the radioactive decay of a large, unstable isotope into a more stable, less massive sample. These types of changes to the nucleus occur naturally as the particle tries to restore its stability. In contrast, artificial transmutations are when the nucleus is manually changed by the addition of a high energy particle to the atom. This term can be divided even further between fission and fusion, both artificial transmutations.
Fission is the combination of two high energy particles to form a larger element. Fusion is when a neutron is hurled at the nucleus of a large fissile element, like uranium, which results in the element breaking down into a different element and a high energy particle. Both of these artificials transmutations result in conversion of mass to energy, which can be calculated using Einstein’s energy-mass equivalence formula: E=mc2. In this formula, m is the the mass of within a uniform space, c is the speed of light,…

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